The Kratom Trade Association (KTA) is dedicated to the safe and responsible use of Kratom botanical products in the U.S.  KTA is committed to regulatory compliance and will develop and promote use of best practices and quality standards for the industry.  KTA will support Kratom research initiatives, and conduct advocacy efforts to educate policy makers and the public about the benefits of Kratom, as well as dispelling common misconceptions.


Our Efforts

The Kratom Trade Association is committed to creating a community for like-minded individuals to support, promote and educate our global family, through scientific Kratom research and collaboration within the industry. We must grow our community using Science to show Kratom belongs as a tool for better wellness.

The KTA is run by dedicated professionals in the position to make a positive impact, on a massive scale with consumer support. With our integrity, innovation and contribution, we plan to be at the forefront of all clinical research and study. Help preserve our natural legacy by funding us today, become a member, help in the enhancement of scientific Kratom research and protect access to Kratom.

Our Mission

The mission of the Kratom Trade Association is to protect mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) and the rights of its supporters by way of political education and awareness on state and federal levels. Influencing legislation through grassroots social, media, and local mobilization, we aim to unite the industry, consumer and company alike, and accomplish our goals with integrity and truth.


What We Do


Find resources to educate yourself on what is Kratom and how to be involved in a business.


We help coordinate efforts to connect consumers and businesses with their policymakers. KTA allows businesses and individuals in the Kratom industry to be a part of a coordinated effort to keep


We raise awareness of all matters affecting the Kratom industry.  Stay connected with others and grow the network.   Look for our educational booth at Trade Shows, business to business expos


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