About KTA

Who is KTA?

The Kratom Trade Association (KTA) supports and promotes the Kratom industry through education, public affairs, research, communications, and collaboration, led by a team of dedicated professionals who have spent decades working to understand, study, manufacture, and responsibly distribute Kratom to the millions of Americans who benefit from its use.

We believe access to quality assured Kratom products needs to be protected, and our members adhere to a strict set of principles that ensures Kratom is developed, distributed, and marketed safely and responsibly.


What we stand for

The Kratom Trade Association is founded on the following principles:

  • Safe and Responsible use of Kratom
  • Development of and Commitment to Best Practices and Quality Standards
  • Support for Research Initiatives
  • Advocacy and Education Efforts

What does it take to join?

KTA strives to be a resource for the Kratom community to help advance the professionalism and standards within the industry. We’re not the Better Business Bureau or a government regulator, but we do have requirements and a vetting process to ensure that members share our principles and operate with the utmost best practices.

New members may join KTA at different stages of the certification and auditing process, but KTA’s goal is to elevate the industry by helping all members achieve those shared principles and objectives to provide consumers with a quality, safe and effective product.