The Kratom Trade Association, along with our partners, is advancing an agenda that will keep Kratom legal and accessible. In the current political and regulatory environment, speaking with one, unified voice is more important than ever. This is why we have developed the following tools to give you the power to protect Kratom.



Elected officials often rely on the media, lobbyists, or their own research to make decisions — however, research shows that in-person meetings with constituents can have an even more powerful influence on their decision-making. They are a great way to use your own research and personal experiences to offer another point of view on an issue. Follow these tips, based on extensive experience, to get the most out of meetings with elected officials — and remember, you are acting as an “ambassador” for Kratom, the Kratom industry, and the Kratom community.



Help us fight myths about Kratom in the media and in our own communities — download and share our printable one-page Facts vs. Fiction guide:


There are many ways we describe Kratom- natural, effective, life-changing – but there are certain words businesses and advocates should not use when talking about Kratom.  While several studies have documented Kratom’s potential, there are phrases we should stay away from until Kratom receives the definitive scientific study it deserves.