Kratom Community Holds Informational Congressional Briefing

Michael Werner, KTA Policy Advisor
KTA (Kratom Trade Association), along with the American Kratom AssociationBotanical Education AllianceDrug Policy AlliancePlants People Healthand A Leaf of Faith, held two briefings today on Capitol Hill to clear up misinformation and make sure that policymakers know the facts about Kratom.
Unfortunately, Kratom is sometimes mistakenly thought of as a highly addictive opioid and cause of death around the country, warranting classification as a Schedule I controlled substance. These are just some of the dangerous misconceptions our scientists and lobbyists combatted as they spoke to rooms full of Congressional staff.
 “We can balance consumer safety with access to this natural botanical product consumed by millions of Americans without government overreach,” said Michael Werner, a federal regulatory policy and legislative advisor for KTA. “Working with legislators, KTA seeks to find common-sense compromises based on science in the face of misinformation to protect people’s right to consume Kratom and manage their own well-being.”


Advocacy Center

The Kratom Trade Association, along with our partners, is advancing an agenda that will keep Kratom legal and accessible. In the current political and regulatory environment, speaking with one, unified voice is more important than ever.


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