Kratom Stays Legal in TN!

Yesterday, the Tennessee General Assembly reached a compromise between competing House and Senate bills to keep Kratom legal in its raw, powdered leaf form for consumers over age 21 with additional labeling requirements.

The Kratom Trade Association (KTA) applauds Tennessee for protecting its citizens’ freedom to manage their own health and well-being by upholding their right to purchase and consume Kratom. We also commend legislators in the House and Senate for hearing Tennessean consumers and working with the Botanical Education Alliance and others to find a common-sense compromise based on science and safety in the face of misinformation and fear.

The Tennessee General Assembly demonstrated that it is possible to balance consumer safety with access to this product consumed by millions of Americans without government overreach, and we are hopeful other communities will follow their lead. KTA is dedicated to the preservation of safe and responsible Kratom consumption and will continue supporting research initiatives and advocacy efforts nationwide, educating policy makers and the public about the benefits of Kratom while dispelling misconceptions.