Legislative Update: 9/10/18

The Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018 (S. 2680), the Senate’s version of H.R. 6, the Support for Patients and Communities Act, has been finalized and is expected to be brought for a vote this week. This legislation is intended “to provide for opioid use disorder prevention, recovery, and treatment, and for other purposes.”

Through the concentrated and effective efforts by several Kratom advocacy groups including the Kratom Trade Association engaging and educating legislators, the Kratom community has successfully prevented language that would have allowed the DEA to schedule Kratom from being included in the bill.

Specifically, the legislation does not contain any provisions that restrict Kratom consumption or use, nor does it contain any reference to Kratom or botanical substances. This is a significant win for the Kratom community, and it is all thanks to the tireless efforts of Kratom advocates and cooperation among our fellow Kratom organizations. While we must remain vigilant, the Kratom community has proven that we can make a difference in preserving the legality of this natural option for managing health and wellbeing.

KTA continues to monitor federal, state and local legislation and ordinances that would restrict Kratom, to educate decision makers about the benefits of Kratom and dispel misconceptions, and to develop reasonable regulations based on science and safety that will preserve safe and responsible Kratom consumption for millions of Americans.