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Join the only dedicated organization for businesses in the Kratom Industry.  Read more about our membership benefits and qualifications.
Protecting member importers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers from negative legislative and regulatory actions, and supporting KTA members by helping grow their businesses through engaging a combined effort of education programs and training.



KTA strives to be a valuable resource for the Kratom community. We’re not the Better Business Bureau or a government regulator, but we do have requirements and a vetting process to ensure that members share our principles and operate with the best practices.



New members may join KTA at different stages of the certification and auditing process.  However, KTA’s goal is to elevate the industry by helping all members achieve these shared principles and objectives, and provide consumers with a quality, safe, and effective product.


  • Read our membership guidelines.
  • Membership Application and Bylaws
  • View our statement of principles.
  • Learn more about our GMP training.




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General Qualifications and Rules

Kratom Trade Association (KTA) Membership Application

Complete the application to become a member of KTA.  Companies applying for membership will be reviewed for qualifications and must meet the requirements of membership in the link below.  
Your membership will be under review by the KTA Membership Approval Committee and will only be made active once approved. Approval may take up to 10 business days. The guidelines for membership approval are located on the KTA website.
If for some reason more information about your membership or business are required, you will be notified. If your application is not accepted you will receive a full refund of the initial month dues paid. If your company is required to move to a different membership level than the balance of dues for the first month will either be appropriately invoiced or refunded. Until you are notified that your membership is accepted you may not refer to yourself as a KTA Member.


KTA cGMP Membership Requirements
As part of this commitment, KTA member companies that manufacture, package, label, hold/store, or distribute raw kratom ingredients or finished kratom products are required to adopt cGMPs and demonstrate cGMP certification or tangible progress toward obtaining certification from a third party quality standards certification entity on a periodic basis.  For companies interested in joining KTA and committed to cGMP compliance, but which have not yet begun the process, KTA can provide assistance with identifying an auditor, as discussed further below.
For more detail on auditing assistance and other KTA membership resources contact member support at


Membership Guidelines
All members are companies and must have valid business status in their state or province.  If a company has multiple locations, each location must become a separate member to receive benefits, however discounts may be given for multiple locations. Each member must designate a primary company representative to receive official notices and partake in association business. All members will agree to act according to the Kratom Trade Association code of ethics. Monitoring, enforcement, assessment methods, and consequences are described in the code of ethics documents. If a member active status which lapses more than 60 days without renewal or appropriate dues payment, then the member will be suspended. Reactivation of member benefits will require all applicable dues to be paid.  Disputes arising from eligibility for membership will be determined by the Board of Directors.


If you have questions, or if you’d like to find out how you can get involved with the KTA other than a member, please contact us to learn more.

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