The Kratom Trade Association (KTA) has put together facts that you can include in your comments:
  • Ohio citizens have been using Kratom for years, the average consumer is employed and educated
  •  Responsible Ohio citizens should not be deprived of product use due to inaccurate information
  • It’s important for the Ohio Board of Pharmacy to look at the science and documentation on Kratom before taking any action as there is a significant amount of misinformation (see KTA’s Fact versus Fiction):
  • Kratom is a natural substance
  • Numerous studies have positive findings on Kratom usage
  • Scientific evidence supports that Kratom does not cause respiratory distress like opioids
  • Kratom is no more addictive than caffeine in coffee when taken regularly in large doses
  • The Kratom industry supports common sense regulation that removes adulterated kratom products from the market, age limits on consumption, and requiring specific labeling guidelines
Submit your comments to following these tips:
  • Be polite and respectful
  • Provide a short testimony in a few paragraphs about how Kratom has improved your health and well-being
  • Include your name, age, occupation and address
  • Avoid making any medical claims (refer to KTA’s claims guide for suggestions)
  •  Provide links to scientific research; these are pharmacists concerned with facts and information about science and pharmacology
  • Do not call, the Board requests emails only



Are you a resident of Indiana?  Are you a Kratom vendor, advocate, group or organization that wants to sell, possess and/or consume Kratom there (and nationally)?   NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO HELP! 

Indiana banned Kratom several years ago without much notice or public comment. Members of the State Legislature feel they rushed and may have acted too quickly. They are now considering a number of alternative methods to fight opiate addiction and have asked to learn more about Kratom.  In a rare move, the State Legislature is asking the Kratom Trade Association (KTA) to stand up and be heard!

We need your support to respond with a strategy developed in anticipation of the right political climate for success.  We have a very narrow window of opportunity.  We’ve met with supportive Indiana decision-makers to discuss our options, but now need additional resources to continue our efforts and organize an urgent, much larger campaign.


We have ONE chance to change Indiana law and ONLY 8 DAYS TO DO IT!!! We must act now as we likely won’t have this same kind of opportunity again for several years.


Unfortunately we truly cannot do this without additional financial resources.  We need your help to fund our Indiana lobbying operations, organize experts and advocates – all awaiting our calls.  Donations of $1,500, $200 or even $15 will make a difference!





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