Success in Congress- No SITSA

The final federal opioid legislation does not include the “Stop the Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues” (SITSA) Act (H.R. 2851), which could have restricted access to natural botanical products.

This is a great success protecting Kratom from federal legislation at this time. The House could vote by the end of the week before recessing after the Congressional Budget Office is expected to score the bill.

Our fight is not over. Kratom still faces restrictions by federal regulators, state legislatures and local governments. The Kratom Trade Association will persist engaging and educating decision makers in partnership with fellow Kratom advocates to protect safe and responsible Kratom consumption for millions of Americans.



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The Kratom Trade Association, along with our partners, is advancing an agenda that will keep Kratom legal and accessible. In the current political and regulatory environment, speaking with one, unified voice is more important than ever.


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