While we’re already working in several states, Minnesota is the latest on the list with legislation that would outlaw Kratom. SF 2578 was introduced today, sponsored by Senator Warren Limmer, Chair of the Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee, and co-sponsored by another committee member. This is the committee where SF 2578 has been referred which is what makes it such a dangerous threat.

There are three ways a ban could happen:
First, SF 2578 could be enacted as stand-alone legislation.  For this to occur a House companion would need to be introduced and these bills would need to pass policy committees in both bodies by the end of March.

Second, the bill could be amended on to an omnibus policy or finance bill and taken to conference where Senators could persuade House members to accept the provision.  The Chair, Senator Limmer, would likely be the author of any omnibus policy and/or finance bill.

Finally, there is comprehensive, bi-partisan legislation moving through the Legislature addressing opioid abuse.  The House and Senate authors have both lost children to opioid abuse.  This legislation could be vehicle for an amendment classifying Kratom as an opioid and banning it.

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